Our Focus

Every day organisations make decisions. Can you be sure those decisions have buy-in from staff and stakeholders? Will those decisions result in action? Will those decisions achieve the intended outcomes?

At Insight Plus our mission is best described as ‘helping people reach agreement…and turning agreement into action’.

In broad terms we are a management consultancy. However, unlike most traditional consultancies which supply content and advice, our focus is on providing processes to harness the collective thinking of groups. We help clients structure conversations that will lead to collaborative decision-making and clear direction.

Our Point of Difference

Our distinctiveness is best encapsulated in the quote: ‘The excellent execution of an average plan beats the average execution of an excellent plan any day’.

All our work is centred on three principles: Focus → Direction → Results

We are very outcomes-focused but, more than that, we spend a lot of time following up with our clients to make sure that decisions and plans are being implemented, reviewed and adjusted. Unlike many other consultancies we hold our clients accountable for working their plans and making their plans work.

Our History
Founded in 1994 by Mark and Julie Vincent, Insight Plus started out with a focus on market research and marketing. Our first client was the YMCA. The firm has since developed a reputation for the facilitation of strategic plans and for assisting organisations set direction. The firm has worked with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Singapore and Fiji.