Our purpose is to ‘help clients reach agreement and turn agreement into action’.

With that purpose in mind we offer our clients four services

  • Facilitation – Setting Direction
  • Consultation – Researching Issues and Opportunities
  • Mediation – Resolving Conflict
  • Executive Education and Coaching – Building Relationships

Elements of each service are contained in the diagram below.

Facilitation – Setting Direction

Your organisation’s destiny is most often shaped in your moments of decision. To more confidently reach the right decisions, you need carefully thought out processes that harness the collective thoughts of the group you are working with.

In setting direction and developing plans with any organisation we:

  • involve all levels of the organisation where possible
  • use tightly structured processes and tools to elicit viewpoints
  • focus only on the few vital imperatives
  • encourage step change goals not incrementalism
  • provide disciplines to ensure that priorities are monitored and reviewed regularly.

Many of our clients tell us that our structured approach to planning and our disciplines to ensure effective implementation of plans are the hallmarks of our work.

Consultation – Researching Issues and Opportunities

Sound decisions require accurate, reliable and timely information.  In setting direction, resolving conflict or preparing executive education programs we have learnt that the key to success is employee buy-in and client feedback.  The facts most often speak for themselves.

Unlike many other consulting firms we do not outsource our research requirements.  All research is conducted in-house, saving costs, ensuring a seamless consultation process and giving clients greater control.  Because we more fully understand the outcomes our clients are looking for, our research is more focused and sharper.

We offer both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and our services have been used by schools, television production companies, local authorities, professional service companies and manufacturers.

Most importantly, our research reports do not simply highlight findings.  We explore the issues and their implications and provide ideas and initiatives for our clients’ consideration.

Mediation – Resolving Conflict

Meaningful conflict in an organisation, where people are challenging ideas and rigorously debating future direction, is a good thing.

Occasionally egos and personality differences can hinder harmonious work relationships and a third party is needed to resolve issues.  As facilitators we are well equipped to handle conflict between individuals and within groups.

Mark Vincent is a qualified mediator, having trained with Arbitration and Conciliation Advisory Services in the UK and been accredited by Oxford Cambridge RSA Examinations.

We offer two alternative streams of mediation:

  • conflict resolution for individuals and small groups
  • community consultation to deal with large scale issues.

Our processes are structured, but with sufficient flexibility to cope with differing attitudes and personality styles, empathic with a focus on ensuring all parties feel ‘heard’, and facilitative to achieve an outcome that is agreed to by all parties.

Executive Education and Coaching – Building Relationships

Throughout their careers the Directors of Insight Plus have worked for, and with, a wide range of leaders, managers and professionals. We have spent a great deal of time in consultation interviews and observing group dynamics in workshops.

Based on these conversations and observations, and further research in academic publications, we have designed a number of executive programs, all centred on helping executives to build better relationships with staff, clients and stakeholders.

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