The results have been marvellous. The improved enrolment and much enhanced level of communication between the school and its community are direct consequences of your insight and advice.

The data collection has been conducted in a highly professional and extremely competent manner. The response rate was much better than we would have even expected and in no small way the result of the quality of the survey.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the enormous role you played in the New Image program. It has set the firm on an innovative and very strategic course. I wish you could see the internal changes it has activated.

Marketing ManagerBrisbane law firm

Personally, I was very impressed with your presentation and the originality of your ideas – as I mentioned to you on Saturday that seems to be typical of the professional approach that I have seen exhibited by your company.

Your presentation was the highlight of the evening and provided food for thought for all present.

The seminar was very stimulating. All who attended were very impressed. Your impact was such that subsequent to our review of your presentation we revised our mission statement.

I write in appreciation of the excellent presentation you made to the Queensland Law Society’s breakfast on the issue of pricing…Your high quality presentation was singled out for praise with some of the actual comments being:- “very practical”, “entertaining”, “excellent, “good motivator”, “10/10” and “absolutely fantastic”.

Your program provided our Partners with highly valuable instruction in skills that, whilst not entirely foreign to us, were skills in which most, if not all, of our Partners have little confidence. You have introduced our Partners to capabilities which will be highly valuable in this competitive environment.

Managing PartnerNational Law Firm

Like most people in professional firms, our consultants find it hard to discuss fees in a confident manner and were frequently discounting for no valid reason. Since being trained in your techniques, my fellow Partners and I have observed a complete turnaround in our consultants’ attitude to fee discussions. The results have been a revelation. In pure commercial terms I would estimate this change in attitude alone will result in a 5% to 10% increase in profit over the next financial year.

“The structure and process was excellent. I have been exposed to many strategic workshops over many years each with different methods but I have not experienced a structure such as this. Very impressed. Exceptional. Very impressed with the professionalism and structure but more so with the outcomes.”

Mark's facilitation style was direct yet responsive, he was engaging yet professional and could gently, but assertively, move the group’s thinking along. He has sufficient knowledge and depth to his processes that he is able to draw upon deep experience to alter processes and bring in new activities as needed. Enjoyable and insightful.